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Hello. My name is Zola Molotov and I am an interdisciplinary artist. I uniquely combine Theatre with the unusual art of Fire Dance in order to create mesmerizing spectacles that are both visually compelling and emotionally profound. I also Hula Hoop and train on a constant basis in order to WOW audiences with circus style multi-hoop performances. I am a woman of many hats and my skills can really spice up all your Festivals, Carnivals, Weddings, Variety Shows and Theatre Venues.

I am currently in Ottawa, Ontario but I am a traveler by trade. I have lived in 3 countries and rambled through over 10 others. I studied Classical Theatre in Canada, Physical Theatre in France and Circus Arts in Mexico.  I discovered Fire Dancing in the underbelly of the City of Lights, and battled with a Bubble blowing Stilt-Walker in Amsterdam. One time I ended up at Wawa Ontario’s only Tim Horton’s on a Wednesday night and proclaimed “The Circus is in town, tell your friends!”. People were happy, I was paid and the rest is history. I offer solo shows as Zola Molotov and group shows with Moon Ballad Circus that will set your mind a blaze. Contact me and get in touch, even if you just want to know where to catch my next show.